#DesignExplore met Chude Jideonwo, a Lawyer, award-winning Journalist and Media entrepreneur. For a decade now, he has garnered key experience in all forms of traditional and new media, and has translated that practical experience into successful media campaigns; he is also recognised as a leading expert on New/Social Media and Youth Lifestyles.

Above all, he has worked as an expert in development across the continent, mostly with The Future Project, which is focused on inspiring leadership, building entrepreneurs and innovative use of the media (traditional and new) tool for sustained social change, and which has reached millions of Nigerians, especially young people, in about 5 years.

Hear him talk about Design!

#DesignExplore is a curated narrative which encompasses the contextual discuss on design. The intent is to properly situate, explore and propagate the ‘design practice’ in a developing country like Nigeria where it’s a budding discipline.