Introduction to Design Thinking

Our Introduction to Design Thinking is meant for everyone; a manager in a Corporation, an entrepreneur in a Start-up, a Civil servant in the public sector or a Teacher in an elementary school. Regardless of your occupation, it’s now desirable that you equip yourself with Design Thinking skills so that you’ll get better at innovating and approaching problems using a systematic solutions development approach.

Design thinking equips you with the necessary tools to become more effective, intentional and an innovative thinker with effective skills to conceive ideas to tackle daily challenges/tasks at home, work, in your community, peer group etc., and see them through to becoming sustainable solutions.

Participants will be taken through ‘live’ and ‘hands on’ solutions development activities using design thinking tools. Possible problem areas will be discussed and addressed at the session with case studies drawn from industry segments. The intent is to leave participants with not just a total understanding of what ‘design thinking’ is, but engage and immerse them practically in its process. This level of interaction will make them ambassadors of a thinking process that is locally and contextually relevant.

As we buy more Made In Nigeria and local brands & manufacturing grows, it becomes pertinent that we take local relevance & possibilities into account when seeking and developing solutions in product and service development.


1. What is Design?

Any discussion, study, research, investigation etc. on design or any subject matter necessitates the making of a basic and proper definition. We will attempt to build our discussion on the subject matter by first laying a foundational definition and interpretation of the term ‘Design’. Understanding the basic ideas on Design, will pave the way to holding a more purposeful and robust discussion on the subject matter. This will further help in dispelling already held notions, definitions, understandings and perceptions and put the ‘discuss’ into proper contexts and perspectives.

2. What is Design Thinking?

Answering this question will shed more light on the specific cognitive activities that designers go through and apply during the process of conceptualizing a design – a plan. This section will attempt to illustrate the different stages of this cognitive process of innovation and showcase how it leads to human-centred solutions development. Understanding design thinking as a concept and knowing how to apply it will help organisations become more efficient, aid in systems being more effective and its people more productive.

3. Why Design Thinking? 

We will be making a case for the inculcation of the ‘design thinking’ education in our activities as individuals, corporates and governments. This will ensure looking inwards for solutions and foster growth from within. Nigeria and it’s peoples, considering its checkered history needs to come to terms with the fact that the idea of a ‘one size fits all’ or importation of solutions developed abroad/foreign markets is no longer the way to go if it is to grow as a nation. *Initiatives born out of this locally relevant exercise is what Nigeria needs*.

Participants:  Individuals, Entreprenuers, Civil Servants, Decision & Policy Makers, Content Creators, Designers, Developers etc.

Venue: Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), Central Business District, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

Date: 30th – 31st May, 2017

Time: 10am-2pm

Free Registration:

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