AZIZA (pronounced “Ah-Zee-Zah”) is a full-fledged design firm that uses Human-Centred experiences  to design solutions that help large Corporations and SMEs in the Public Service and Private Sector drive efficiency and organic growth. We discern new ways to serve and support people and processes by empathising with their latent needs, cultures, and aspirations. Thereby establishing a synergy to potential need-based outcomes.

We help new companies and brands bring to life new products, services, spaces, and sensory engagements by creating an enabling environment and the internal systems needed to develop and sustain a culture that breeds innovation.
                                 WE DO
Design + Business.

1. Organisational Design
2. Process Design
3. Systems Design

Design + Identity.

1. Brand Guide & Toolkit
2. Communications & Graphic Design
3. Product Prototyping & Fabrication

Design + Experience.

1. Brand Activation
2. Consumer Engagement 
3. Sensory Design 

Design +

1. Architecture & Interior Design 
2. Retail Space Design
3. Web & Digital App Design


We Practice 'Design Thinking'...

At AZIZA, we employ a unique cognitive approach called ‘Design Thinking’; a philosophy that presupposes that every individual can be part of creating a more desirable outcome or solution, and establishes a process to initiate action when faced with the varied challenges of everyday living. This is the kind of positive mindset we bring to your business. Properly harnessed and applied, ‘Design Thinking‘ can transform the way organizations develop products and services. This approach brings together what is desirable from a human perspective with that which is technologically possible and economically profitable. Design thinking integrates our ability to intuit, recognise patterns, and innovate solutions that are functional and as well emotionally rewarding, transcending mere words or symbols to becoming frameworks, systems, skill-sets and results.

We use both rational and intuitive ideation tools to help our clients visualise how their new or existing operations could look like in future and entrench a workable roadmap for getting there. As we navigate towards a final solution, we assess and reassess our designs, ultimately delivering results, which are appropriate, actionable and tangible.
How do we solve it?
What does research reveal about the problem?
What solutions can we conceive and achieve?
How best do we deploy the concept/solution?
How do we sustain these solutions?

Meet the 'Design Thinkers'...

Co-Founder/Design Director
Co-Founder/Design Director
A Designer that is passionate about propagating indigenous cultures and creating scalable design solutions for real life problems through research and collaborations. He is a 'Design Activist' and 'Thinker' that holds a degree in Fine & Applied Arts from the University of Benin and a Masters Degree in Design from the University for the Creative Arts [UCA] Rochester, UK.

Chuma, a social media and IT savvy persona is also an Oracle Application Developer. He is the founder and Curator of NaijaAds; A social media archive of Nigerian Ad industry works. He has over a decade of cognate experience in Communications Design, Brand Design, Concept Development, Illustration, Space Design, Product Design and Curating.
An Investment & Research Analyst, astute Business Manager,  infectious Communicator and a ‘Design Thinker’. He is a graduate of the Performing Arts from the University of Ilorin and holds a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.

Obinali is a Professional member of the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations and Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria. He has over a decade of cognate experience in Organisational Design, Communications Design, Marketing, Sales, Business Strategy and Management,

"Design is a structured framework within which the results expected are premeditated via intuition based on empathy."

– Aziza Design